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Anton Riehl, Composer


  • commercials (video)

    a selection of commercials that have been scored by anton

    • avis the long waittoyota safety
      at risk evaluator
  • instruments (images)

    a collection of instruments that are often used in

    download the pdf of the flute ranges here

    • drum collectionflute collection
      string collectionflute ranges
    • bodhranstablas
      bowl gongcymbals
    • djembe and doumbekfrogs
      shakerstambourine and frame drum
    • kalimbabells
      native american fluteschinese flutes
    • quenasbamboo flutes
      hawai'in flutesbamboo native american flutes
    • classical guitarelectric guitar
    • bassshakuhachi
      arabicindian recorder
    • suonapanpipes
  • studio (images)

    a brief tour of gear and people in the studio

    • workspacewaldorf
      ben trokanmixer
    • audio interfaceshui
    • rafael